School Management Software.
    IT Revolution Pvt Ltd offers SMAP for
    Class & Subject setup.
    Student Admission & Fee collection system.
    Staff setup & salary management.
    Easy Accounting with automatic generated reports.
    Attendance, Barcode Generated ID Card, Grading & Marksheet system.
    Attendance, Barcode Generated ID Card, Grading & Marksheet system.
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School management software (SMAP) is designed for institutes, colleges and schools of Nepal. It is designed in an academic calendar and per academic system of Nepal. Accounting entry such as creating a Daybook, Journal, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance and Profit & Loss Report is automatic. Creating a credit bill, monthly bill, marksheet and attendance report is also automatic and it's very easy with built in tools. A normal computer user with basic knowledge can easily operate SMAP.For all software features,You can watch full demo of school management software. The features listed below are all included in a single pack of SMAP..

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per unit
Library Management
  • Book barcode entry system
  • Book Issue
  • Book Return
  • Available book list / filter
  • Issued book list / filter
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per unit
Student Management
  • Student Admission
  • Fee Collection
  • Bill / Credit Bill Builder
  • ID Card Builder
  • Student Attendance System
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per unit
Exam Management
  • Create Exam Schedule
  • Easy Marksheet Builder
  • Easy Routine Builder
  • Final Mark Grading System
  • Attendance / Grading Report
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per unit
Other Features
  • Auto Balancesheet / Daybook
  • Auto Trial Balance
  • Auto Year Closing Report
  • Profit & Loss Report
  • Income & Expense Report
  • Staff Management & Salary
  • Staff Attendance System
  • Software is extensible means you can demand us to add other features or customize this software as per your need
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