Co-Operative Management Software.
    IT Revolution Pvt Ltd offers COOPPACK for
    Share / Account / Loan Management with detailed reports.
    Deposit Installment collection & Easy Withdraw system.
    Staff setup & salary management.
    Easy Accounting with automatic generated reports.
    Loan payment schedule, Auto TAX deduction on salary / saving amount.
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Co-Operatice Management Software (COOPPACK) is designed for finance,saving & credit co-operatives of Nepal. It is designed in a financial calendar and per financial system of Nepal. Accounting entry such as creating a Daybook, Journal, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance and Profit & Loss Report is automatic. Creating a user transaction, loan / installment payment, account summary and user report is also automatic and it's very easy with built in tools. A normal computer user with basic knowledge can easily operate COOPPACK.For all software features,You can watch full demo of cooperative management software. The features listed below are all included in a single pack of COOPPACK.

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Account Management
  • New Account Creation
  • Amount Withdraw / Deposit
  • Account Suspension
  • Detailed User Report
  • Transaction Report
  • Auto Interest Calculation
  • TAX Deduction On Saving Amount
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per unit
Shareholder Management
  • Shareholder Creation
  • Sales Of Share
  • Share Return
  • Share Summary
  • Clientwise Share Report
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Loan Management
  • Creation Of Loan
  • Installment Collection
  • Bank Loan / Installment
  • Detailed Loan Report
  • Loan Payment Schedule
  • Auto Interest / Penalty Calculation
  • You Can Define Your Interest Calculation Rule Yourself
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per unit
Other Features
  • Auto Balancesheet / Daybook
  • Auto Trial Balance
  • Auto Year Closing Report
  • Profit & Loss Report
  • Income & Expense Report
  • Staff Management & Salary
  • Staff Attendance System
  • Guardian Reporting System
  • Software is extensible means you can demand us to add other features or customize this software as per your need
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